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Transition outlined for plastic rules

The Environmental Protection Department said today it will not take enforcement actions against non-compliant businesses during the six-month adaptation period for the regulation of disposable plastic tableware and other plastic products.   The relevant legislation will come into effect on April 22 and the following six months will be designated as an adaptation period.   Announcing the arrangements for the adaptation period at a briefing this afternoon, Director of Environmental Protection Samuel Chui said the department will adopt a progressive model in implementing the new legislation.   At the early stage of the adaptation period, the department will arrange for staff to proactively inspect 20,000 eateries and 20,000 retail stores, as well as hotels and guesthouses, and focus on publicity and education work.   At a later stage of the adaptation period, the department will arrange for staff to visit those businesses which are found to be not yet compliant with the le

COVID-19 mutant strain case probed

(To watch the full press briefing with sign language interpretation, click here.)   The Centre for Health Protection today said it has so far quarantined more than 300 people who have been identified as close contacts, as it follows up on a foreign domestic helper infected with COVID-19 mutant strains.   At a press briefing this afternoon, the centre’s Controller Dr Ronald Lam noted that the N501Y and E484K mutant strains were involved in this case.   “For the COVID-19 case involving a 39-year-old foreign domestic helper, she had onset of symptoms on April 23. So if we count back the average incubation period, that is 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms, she mainly stayed at home to take care of a 10-month-old baby.   “During this incubation period, she mainly visited a supermarket and a market as well as went to a park with two friends. The two friends are regarded as close contacts and we have put them under quarantine.   “She also went to St Thomas the Apostle Church where she performed in a choir with an audience of over 200. Out of the 200 audience members, we have identified 89 close contacts, all of whom have been put under quarantine.    “The 10-month-old baby she took care of is also confirmed COVID-19 positive with the same mutant strain as her case.”   The baby’s parents have tested negative for the virus, Dr Lam added.

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