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BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference 2022

BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference (BUSINESS GOVirtual), the Hong Kong's first physical B2B "Tech x Business" event in the post-pandemic period, gathers leading IT companies and solutions providers under one roof to demonstrate their latest technologies. It is also the platform where showcases the key technological advancements for social and business engagement in the new digital era. The development of the Greater Bay Area is accorded the status of critical strategic planning in the Chinese government's blueprint, with great significance in China's initiative on innovation-driven development. Strategically held in Hong Kong, the international innovation and technology hub, BUSINESS GOVirtual serves as a communication platform for tech companies to exchange ideas, collaborate and foster partnerships. On top of the physical event, the brand new "GOVirtual OMNI," an online platform for the Expo and Conference, welcomes regional exhibitors and visito

CE views HKDSE exam centre

Chief Executive Carrie Lam today visited Clementi Secondary School to learn about its anti-epidemic measures put in place to protect the health and safety of candidates and examination personnel.   The school is one of the examination centres of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination which starts tomorrow.   Mrs Lam said: “Despite the fluctuating COVID-19 epidemic situation and the myriad challenges brought about over the past two years or so, the Government has been closely liaising and co-operating with the Hong Kong Examinations & Assessment Authority (HKEAA) and the academic sector to make timely decisions to ensure the smooth conduct of the examination.”   With the central government’s staunch support and the community’s concerted effort, the fifth wave of the epidemic is gradually being brought under control, she added.   “This wave has shown a continuous downtrend after reaching the peak in early March, creating necessary conditions for the commencement of the HKDSE Examination tomorrow.   “In order to manage the risks brought by this wave to candidates and examination personnel, the Government, jointly with the HKEAA and academic sector, has introduced a series of measures to enable candidates to sit for the examination as scheduled after detailed deliberation over the past few months.”   To mitigate infection risks, candidates and examination staff must perform a rapid antigen test (RAT) and only those who get a negative test result will be allowed to enter the examination centres. In this connection, the Education Bureau has allocated additional resources worth about $20 million to provide RAT kits through the HKEAA.   Furthermore, upon arrival at the centres, candidates’ health declaration form, body temperature and identity will be checked. The seats have been spaced at an appropriate distance at the examination venues which are also well ventilated.   Meanwhile, special measures have been implemented to take care of candidates affected by the epidemic.   For virus tests during restriction-testing declaration operations, priority will be accorded to HKDSE Examination candidates residing in a restricted area.   If candidates are identified as close contacts, or are infected yet in a suitable health condition, they may sit for the examination at the special examination centre at the Penny’s Bay Community Isolation Facility. A hotline and free point-to-point transport service by designated taxis/minibuses have been made available to facilitate such arrangement.   Mrs Lam stressed that the Government will use its best endeavours to hold the examination with the HKEAA and the academic sector to safeguard the health and safety of candidates and examination personnel.   She also wished all the candidates every success and a good performance in their examinations.   About 50,000 candidates will take this year’s HKDSE Examination to be held from tomorrow until May 14. The results will be released on July 20.

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