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Civil Aid Service holds parade

The Civil Aid Service (CAS) held the Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and CAS 70th Anniversary Parade today at the Police College.   Chief Secretary Chan Kwok-ki officiated at the ceremony and acted as the reviewing officer for the parade.   To demonstrate national identity and patriotic sentiment for the motherland, the CAS has fully adopted from today, the Chinese-style foot drill that requires exacting standards, and demonstrated the drill's protocols for the first time in the parade.   As an auxiliary force under the Security Bureau, the CAS has been honouring the pledge of "provide emergency relief, serve the community" and has been rendering immediate assistance during emergencies to protect Hong Kong citizens.   During the COVID-19 epidemic, the CAS has remained steadfast on the front line of the anti-epidemic operations by rapidly assisting in setting up a number of community isolation faci

19 virus cases in Lei Moon Hse

The Government today announced that 19 positive COVID-19 cases were found in the compulsory testing exercise for the restricted area in Aberdeen.   It made a restriction-testing declaration yesterday covering Lei Moon House of Ap Lei Chau Estate.   Nineteen positive cases were detected at the building where 1,933 people were tested.   Government staff also visited 773 households there and will follow up on those who did not answer the door.

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