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DC election poll cards mailed

The Registration & Electoral Office today said it has mailed poll cards for the District Council Ordinary Election to about 4.33 million registered electors to inform them of where they should cast their votes on December 10.   Electors who have not received their poll cards may log in to the Online Voter Information Enquiry System to check whether they are registered electors and their designated polling stations, the office said.   District Council geographical constituency (DCGC) electors will be allocated to ordinary polling stations in the vicinity of their registered addresses. Polling hours will be from 8.30am to 10.30pm.   District Committees constituency (DCC) electors will be assigned to the polling stations of the DCCs to which they belong. The polling hours will be from 8.30am to 2.30pm. They will also receive a reminder on the poll card envelope that the DCC and DCGC vote will take place at two different polling stations with different polling hours.  

LegCo passes motion of thanks

Chief Executive John Lee today expressed gratitude to the Legislative Council for passing the Motion of Thanks in respect of the Chief Executive's 2022 Policy Address.   Noting that the Policy Address was compiled with the commitment of his team and himself to chart a brighter tomorrow for Hong Kong, Mr Lee said many policy measures proposed were formulated after heeding and giving careful consideration to views expressed by the public and different parties.   “This is a Policy Address for Hong Kong citizens. I express my gratitude to Legislative Council members for offering views on various measures in the Policy Address during the debate for three consecutive days, especially for their suggestions on different arenas,” Mr Lee said.   They are related to further improving governance, creating strong impetus for growth, attracting businesses and talent, fostering innovation and technology as well as cultural infrastructure, addressing people's concerns and working together for a harmonious, caring and inclusive society, he added.   "The Government will study and analyse these views, so that the Government team can be more down to earth in implementing relevant measures and better meet the expectations of the public.”   The Chief Executive said a good executive-legislative relationship is a key element under the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong”.   “I shall lead my team to continue to strengthen formal and informal exchanges with the council members with a view to achieving better synergy for enhancing governance capability and efficacy, so that the public can share the fruits of our achievements in starting a new chapter for Hong Kong."

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