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Hands-on approach to mental illness

With the aim of combatting the fear and misconceptions surrounding mental illness, Castle Peak Hospital’s Mind Space museum enables visitors to experience hallucinations, similar to the sensory experiences mentally ill patients encounter, by way of rooms that utilise virtual reality (VR) technology.   A group of secondary students recently embarked on a journey through Mind Space after registering and receiving patient wristbands. This unique mental health experience museum provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the development of psychiatric services in Hong Kong.   Displays in the museum showcase intriguing relics, including the evolution of restraints and handwritten patient records. Additionally, the students were given the opportunity to explore a mock protection room designed to provide a calming environment for patients.   Furthermore, students could learn about the scientific aspects behind the causes of mental illness at the Brain Tour zone. One of the

Govt to lift employment law jab rule

The Labour Department today announced that from June 16, provisions under the Employment Ordinance relating to a legitimate COVID-19 vaccination request will be repealed.   From that day onwards, there will be no vaccination provisions under the Employment Ordinance, and any legitimate vaccination request made under the ordinance prior to June 16 shall cease to have effect on or after that date, the department explained.   Ancillary to the Government’s anti-epidemic measures, the jab provisions were added to the Employment Ordinance from June 17 last year, stipulating that the dismissal of an employee due to non-compliance with a legitimate COVID-19 vaccination request made by the employer is not considered as an unreasonable dismissal.   With the removal of the statutory Vaccine Pass requirement earlier and Hong Kong society resuming normalcy in full, the Government will repeal the vaccination provisions under the Employment Ordinance, having consulted the Health Bureau and the Department of Health.   The Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2022 (Commencement) Notice will be published in the Gazette this Friday.

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