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Hands-on approach to mental illness

With the aim of combatting the fear and misconceptions surrounding mental illness, Castle Peak Hospital’s Mind Space museum enables visitors to experience hallucinations, similar to the sensory experiences mentally ill patients encounter, by way of rooms that utilise virtual reality (VR) technology.   A group of secondary students recently embarked on a journey through Mind Space after registering and receiving patient wristbands. This unique mental health experience museum provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the development of psychiatric services in Hong Kong.   Displays in the museum showcase intriguing relics, including the evolution of restraints and handwritten patient records. Additionally, the students were given the opportunity to explore a mock protection room designed to provide a calming environment for patients.   Furthermore, students could learn about the scientific aspects behind the causes of mental illness at the Brain Tour zone. One of the

Ice hockey body review supported

The Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau today reiterated that the Government supports the starting of the process to suspend the Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association’s (HKIHA) membership by the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China.   The Government also supports the committee’s request for the HKIHA to provide a full written explanation in relation to an incident concerning the playing of the wrong music as the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China, and submit a plan on improving corporate governance.   The bureau stressed that the Government and the committee have the same objective to discern the reason for the error and enhance the HKIHA’s corporate governance.   The government subsidy on ice hockey athletes’ training and competition will not be affected regardless of the final decision upon the investigation’s completion, the bureau added.

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