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Hands-on approach to mental illness

With the aim of combatting the fear and misconceptions surrounding mental illness, Castle Peak Hospital’s Mind Space museum enables visitors to experience hallucinations, similar to the sensory experiences mentally ill patients encounter, by way of rooms that utilise virtual reality (VR) technology.   A group of secondary students recently embarked on a journey through Mind Space after registering and receiving patient wristbands. This unique mental health experience museum provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the development of psychiatric services in Hong Kong.   Displays in the museum showcase intriguing relics, including the evolution of restraints and handwritten patient records. Additionally, the students were given the opportunity to explore a mock protection room designed to provide a calming environment for patients.   Furthermore, students could learn about the scientific aspects behind the causes of mental illness at the Brain Tour zone. One of the

ID card service further enhanced

The Immigration Department (ImmD) today announced that starting from April 12, the appointment booking arrangements for identity card applications will be further enhanced.   Since March 6, the working hours of four Registration of Persons (ROP) Offices - the Hong Kong Office, Kowloon Office, Kwun Tong Office and Tuen Mun Office - have been extended.   In view of the upsurge in demand for the replacement of ID card service since the resumption of travel, staring from April 12, people already in possession of Hong Kong ID cards reaching 11 or 18 years of age may book an appointment to replace the ID cards during the extended service hours of the four ROP Offices.   The arrangement is only applicable to applicants who are already in possession of Hong Kong ID cards applying for replacement.   Applicants reaching 11 or 18 years of age who have never registered for an ID card should book an appointment during normal ROP service hours for first registration of their ID card.   The appointment bookable period of the ROP services appointment booking system will also be extended from 24 working days to 96 working days.   Residents may scan the QR codes to download the ImmD mobile application or make an appointment for an ID card application online.   They are reminded to arrive at the ROP Offices as scheduled for ID card services. ROP Offices will not process applications without appointments.

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