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Hands-on approach to mental illness

With the aim of combatting the fear and misconceptions surrounding mental illness, Castle Peak Hospital’s Mind Space museum enables visitors to experience hallucinations, similar to the sensory experiences mentally ill patients encounter, by way of rooms that utilise virtual reality (VR) technology.   A group of secondary students recently embarked on a journey through Mind Space after registering and receiving patient wristbands. This unique mental health experience museum provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the development of psychiatric services in Hong Kong.   Displays in the museum showcase intriguing relics, including the evolution of restraints and handwritten patient records. Additionally, the students were given the opportunity to explore a mock protection room designed to provide a calming environment for patients.   Furthermore, students could learn about the scientific aspects behind the causes of mental illness at the Brain Tour zone. One of the

Xia Baolong to visit HK

Vice Chairman of the 13th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Director of the State Council’s Hong Kong & Macao Affairs Office Xia Baolong will visit Hong Kong from April 13 to 18.   Mr Xia will attend the opening ceremony of the Hong Kong National Security Education Day activities organised by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.   On behalf of the Hong Kong SAR, Chief Executive John Lee extended his warmest welcome and gratitude for Mr Xia’s visit.   The Hong Kong SAR Government will make all necessary arrangements and provide full support to ensure the visit’s smooth delivery.

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