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FS paves way to green, digital future

A number of initiatives and measures aimed at accelerating high-quality development were announced in today’s 2024-25 Budget, with the Government emphasising a move towards a green future and digitalisation.   Explaining that high-quality development spurs ongoing economic innovation and growth whilst conserving the natural environment, Financial Secretary Paul Chan said Hong Kong must pursue opportunities through leveraging its advantages under “one country, two systems”, namely those of enjoying strong support at a national level and being closely connected to other parts of the world.   He stressed that green development involves huge business opportunities and financing needs, as governments and businesses around the world pursue carbon neutrality and green transformation. In addition, he said digitalisation has become a new driving force for economic development, empowering enterprises to enhance efficiency, boost their competitiveness and achieve new growth.   Introdu

HK fencers score medals

Hong Kong fencers Vivian Kong and Low Ho-tin each won a medal at the 2023 Asian Fencing Championships.   While Kong won a gold medal in the Women's Épée Individual event, Low bagged a bronze one in the Men's Sabre Individual event.   Congratulating the athletes today, Secretary for Culture, Sports & Tourism Kevin Yeung said: “It is the third time Vivian Kong won gold at the Asian Fencing Championships, while Low Ho-tin’s triumph makes it the second time for the Hong Kong team to reap a medal in the event since 2014.   “We are very encouraged by their performances and proud of Hong Kong fencers for their repeated success at international competitions."

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