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FS visits biomedical firm in UK

Financial Secretary Paul Chan yesterday visited a biopharmaceutical company and the Royal College of Art, and attended a lunch hosted by the China-Britain Business Council, as part of his ongoing trip to London.   Mr Chan visited AstraZeneca and met the company’s senior management to learn about its drug research and development activities, as well as its latest expansion plans.   AstraZeneca indicated that following in-depth talks with Hong Kong’s Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises, it plans to develop a research and development centre in Hong Kong and will engage in further discussion with relevant government departments on the matter.   The Financial Secretary then attended a roundtable luncheon held by the China-Britain Business Council, and met representatives of British enterprises that do business, or plan to do business, either in the Mainland or Hong Kong.   Mr Chan later visited the Royal College of Art, which collaborated with the Hong Kong Polytechnic Unive

Metropolis co-ordination body formed

The Government today announced the establishment of the Northern Metropolis Co-ordination Office to champion and drive the development of the Northern Metropolis.   With Vic Yau as Director of the Northern Metropolis Co-ordination Office (NMCO), the office will formulate and promulgate an action agenda and an implementation plan for the Northern Metropolis within this year.   As part of its daily duties, the NMCO will assume an overall championing and co-ordinating role in taking forward the Northern Metropolis initiative, formulate innovative planning and lands policies as well as implement arrangements to drive and support new industrial strategies.   The office will strengthen co-ordination of the relevant bureaus and departments for the timely implementation of the provision of housing, transport and other infrastructure, ecological conservation, development of industries in different sectors as well as the provision of government and public facilities in the metropolis for comprehensive and coherent development.   Additionally, it will provide strategic advice on development strategies and priorities for the metropolis and give secretariat support to the Steering Committee on the Northern Metropolis chaired by Chief Executive and the Advisory Committee on the Northern Metropolis chaired by the financial secretary.   The NMCO will also be tasked with strengthening collaboration with the Mainland authorities to make full use of the synergy between the Northern Metropolis and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as well as the opportunities arising therefrom, and for integration into the overall national development.   Moreover, the office will promote public engagement and strengthen communication with stakeholders on the development of the Northern Metropolis.   Mr Yau joined the Administrative Service in July 1997, and was Deputy Secretary for Development (Planning & Lands) from December 2018 to February 2023 and has been Director of the Preparatory Office for Northern Metropolis since February 2023.   Email for enquiries about the Northern Metropolis.

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