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FS visits biomedical firm in UK

Financial Secretary Paul Chan yesterday visited a biopharmaceutical company and the Royal College of Art, and attended a lunch hosted by the China-Britain Business Council, as part of his ongoing trip to London.   Mr Chan visited AstraZeneca and met the company’s senior management to learn about its drug research and development activities, as well as its latest expansion plans.   AstraZeneca indicated that following in-depth talks with Hong Kong’s Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises, it plans to develop a research and development centre in Hong Kong and will engage in further discussion with relevant government departments on the matter.   The Financial Secretary then attended a roundtable luncheon held by the China-Britain Business Council, and met representatives of British enterprises that do business, or plan to do business, either in the Mainland or Hong Kong.   Mr Chan later visited the Royal College of Art, which collaborated with the Hong Kong Polytechnic Unive

Govt launches special inspections

Secretary for Development Bernadette Linn today said that the Development Bureau has instructed its departments to launch a special inspections exercise to identify slopes, trees and structures with potential risk after the torrential rain.   The relevant departments continued to carry out relief work and follow up with every effort on the impact brought by the extreme conditions, with a view to enabling the community to resume normal as soon as possible.   As of 8am, the Drainage Services Department has received 60 confirmed cases of flooding, all of which have been eliminated and the affected areas reopened.   As of noon, the Civil Engineering & Development Department's Geotechnical Engineering Office has received 60 reports of landslides and completed inspecting 35 landslide cases which were relatively severe.   Departments responsible for slope maintenance including the Highways Department and the Lands Department were advised to carry out urgent slope maintenance works.   Meanwhile, relevant departments will proactively carry out emergency slope maintenance works as required including clearing road surfaces, removing debris and loose soil, and using cement spray to stabilise exposed slopes under safe conditions when the weather permits.   Owing to the damaged underground water mains in the landslide near Yiu Hing Road in Shau Kei Wan, the water supply to Yiu Tung Estate had been affected. With the all-out efforts of the Water Supplies Department in emergency repair, the water supply was resumed fully this afternoon.   Various government departments responsible for the maintenance of man-made slopes, including works departments, the Lands Department, the Housing Department and the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department started special inspections today to comprehensively inspect all man-made slopes.   To ensure the stability of trees after the torrential rain, tree management departments will conduct another round of special inspections following the large-scale inspections mounted earlier after the passage of the typhoon.   The Buildings Department will inspect the external walls of buildings by using drones to ascertain their condition as early as possible. Where necessary, it will arrange for the government contractor to carry out emergency works on behalf of the owners and then recover the costs from them.

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