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Kai Tak site accident being probed

The Government expressed that it is highly concerned about an accident involving the collapse of a bamboo scaffold at a Kai Tak construction site today in which two workers were killed and three others injured.   A preliminarily investigation by the Buildings Department (BD) found that the scaffold, measuring about 15m by 8m, fell to the ground from the external wall on the 19th floor of a building under construction.   The BD said it will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the cause of the incident, including whether the scaffold, as temporary works, complied with the Buildings Ordinance and whether the registered contractor and any related persons have properly discharged their responsibilities.   It added that if anyone is found in contravention of the ordinance, it will take follow-up actions, including instigating prosecution and referring to the Contractors Disciplinary Board for disciplinary proceedings.   The Labour Department (LD) also launched an immed

2023 one of second warmest years

With all 12 months warmer than usual, 2023 was among the second warmest years on record, with the annual mean temperature reaching 24.5 degrees Celsius, 1.0 degree above the 1991-2020 normal, the Hong Kong Observatory said today.

The annual mean minimum temperature of 22.6 degrees was equal to the highest since records began in 1884, while the annual mean maximum temperature of 27.2 degrees was equal to the second highest.

Notably, the mean temperature for summer reached 29.7 degrees, the highest on record.

The highest temperature recorded in the year, on July 27, was 36.1 degrees, which ranked among the third highest data points on record. There were 54 very hot days last year, equal to the highest previous totals on record.

The lowest temperature recorded in the year was 8.1 degrees, on December 23. The number of cold days in the year was 14 days, 1.2 fewer than normal.

Mainly owing to record-breaking autumn rainfall, total rainfall in 2023 was 2,774.5 mm, about 14% above the normal. Eight red rainstorm warnings and two black rainstorm warnings were issued by the Observatory in the year.

Meanwhile, five tropical cyclone warning signals were issued. The Observatory issued Hurricane Signal No. 10 during the passage of Saola in September, the Increasing Gale or Storm Signal No. 9 during the passage of Koinu in October and the Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 during the passage of Talim in July.

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