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Kai Tak site accident being probed

The Government expressed that it is highly concerned about an accident involving the collapse of a bamboo scaffold at a Kai Tak construction site today in which two workers were killed and three others injured.   A preliminarily investigation by the Buildings Department (BD) found that the scaffold, measuring about 15m by 8m, fell to the ground from the external wall on the 19th floor of a building under construction.   The BD said it will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the cause of the incident, including whether the scaffold, as temporary works, complied with the Buildings Ordinance and whether the registered contractor and any related persons have properly discharged their responsibilities.   It added that if anyone is found in contravention of the ordinance, it will take follow-up actions, including instigating prosecution and referring to the Contractors Disciplinary Board for disciplinary proceedings.   The Labour Department (LD) also launched an immed

470 DC members sworn in

The Government today held an oath-taking ceremony for members of the seventh term District Councils (DCs), during which all 470 DC members promised to uphold the Basic Law and bear allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
Chief Executive John Lee attended the ceremony. Secretary for Home & Youth Affairs Alice Mak served as the oath administrator as authorised by the Chief Executive.
Apart from congratulating the DC members on their taking of oaths and assumption of office, Mr Lee outlined four requirements for them.
The requirements include upholding the Basic Law and bearing allegiance to the Hong Kong SAR; ensuring effective communication between the Government and the people by serving as a connection between the two; implementing the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong” at the district governance level and upholding the important duty of safeguarding national security; and adopting a people-oriented approach to bring tangible improvements to the community.
The Chief Executive added that he expects the DC members to facilitate the Government’s implementation of policies in the districts, thereby strengthening district governance to build a better Hong Kong.
Based on the principles laid down by the Interpretation of Article 104 of the Basic Law by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and the relevant legal provisions, the oath administrator determined that the oaths taken by all 470 DC members were valid.

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