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SMS sender scheme expanded

The Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) announced today that the SMS Sender Registration Scheme is now open for application by all sectors to further help the public verify the identities of SMS senders, with a view to combatting SMS fraud.   Apart from further opening up the scheme, the OFCA said it welcomes public and private organisations from various industries with a practical need to communicate with customers or clients via SMS to join the scheme.   Under the scheme, only registered senders are able to send SMS messages using their registered SMS sender IDs with the prefix “#”. All other SMS messages with sender IDs containing “#” but not sent by registered senders will be blocked by the telecommunications networks.   As such, the public can easily identify whether an SMS message is received from a registered sender by the prefix “#” in the SMS sender ID.   The OFCA reminds citizens to stay highly vigilant when receiving SMS messages from unknown sender

Grassroots kids enjoy horse riding

About 20 children from grassroots families today visited Tuen Mun Public Riding School in the company of civil service volunteers to enjoy the fun of horse riding and learn about the stables, with Secretary for the Civil Service Ingrid Yeung and Director of Water Supplies Tony Yau also taking part to lend their support.


The event is the first volunteer activity fostered by the Civil Service Bureau and jointly organised by civil service volunteer teams, the Jockey Club and district bodies. The volunteers came from different grades of the Water Supplies Department, including engineers, waterworks inspectors and technical officers.


Mrs Yeung said: “The children taking part in the event today have never been around horses. They were very excited to be able to have close contact with the horses under the good care of the volunteers and the patient guidance from staff. Seeing the bright smiles and excitement of the children riding on the back of the horses is the best reward for the volunteers.”


She pointed out that apart from showing care for those in need, volunteerism can bolster the solidarity of the civil service and deepen civil servants’ understanding of public needs.


“In this way, they can provide public service in their respective posts which are more targeted and can better meet the needs of the people.”


She added that the Government will continue to support volunteer teams of various bureaus and departments in organising volunteer activities and providing diversified volunteer services by collaborating with the community in order to achieve greater synergy.

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