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GBA rule of law action plan released

The Action Plan on the Construction of Rule of Law in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has been released, the Department of Justice (DoJ) announced today.   Secretary for Justice Paul Lam explained that the action plan has two intentions, namely to underpin the guiding principle of “Three Interfaces, Two Connects & One Greater Bay Area”, and strengthen collaboration with the legal and dispute resolution sectors and other stakeholders to effectively implement policy measures set out in the plan.   Through mechanisms, regulatory frameworks and talent – the “three interfaces” – the DoJ said it will promote hardware and software connectivity in constructing rule of law in the bay area, co-operation between the various cities according to their respective strengths, and collaboration between different legal systems, thereby eventually achieving the goal of “one Greater Bay Area”.   Deputy Secretary for Justice Cheung Kwok-kwan, who is also the leading Hong Kong

Warehouse accident being probed

The Labour Department (LD) said it is highly concerned about an accident at a Sheung Shui timber warehouse this afternoon, in which a truck driver was struck and killed by a bundle of timbers that fell from the truck during an unloading operation.


In a statement, the LD noted that it is saddened by the worker’s death and expressed its deepest sympathy to his family.


The LD made it clear that an immediate on-site investigation was commenced as soon as it was notified of the accident. It also issued suspension notices to the proprietor and the employer concerned, suspending the loading or unloading of timbers onto or from the truck.


Additionally, the proprietor and the employer cannot resume the work process until the LD is satisfied that measures to abate the relevant risks have been taken.


Apart from saying that it will complete the investigation as soon as possible to identify the accident’s cause, ascertain the liability of the duty holders and recommend improvement measures, the LD emphasised that actions will be taken pursuant to the law if there is any violation of the work safety legislation.


The general duty provisions of the Occupational Safety & Health Ordinance require employers to provide safe working environments, plants and systems of work for their employees. 


Regarding this incident, the LD pointed out that will issue a Work Safety Alert through its website and by email, giving a brief account of the accident concerned to duty holders, workers' unions, professional bodies of safety practitioners and others, and reminding the industry of the importance of following safety precautionary measures to prevent a recurrence of similar accidents.


It will also remind the employer concerned of the liability for employees' compensation under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance, assist the deceased's family members to claim employees' compensation and closely follow up on the case.


For those with financial difficulties, the LD added that will assist them to apply for appropriate emergency funds. It will also liaise with the Social Welfare Department for financial or other assistance, subject to the needs and wishes of the deceased’s family members.

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