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Transition outlined for plastic rules

The Environmental Protection Department said today it will not take enforcement actions against non-compliant businesses during the six-month adaptation period for the regulation of disposable plastic tableware and other plastic products.   The relevant legislation will come into effect on April 22 and the following six months will be designated as an adaptation period.   Announcing the arrangements for the adaptation period at a briefing this afternoon, Director of Environmental Protection Samuel Chui said the department will adopt a progressive model in implementing the new legislation.   At the early stage of the adaptation period, the department will arrange for staff to proactively inspect 20,000 eateries and 20,000 retail stores, as well as hotels and guesthouses, and focus on publicity and education work.   At a later stage of the adaptation period, the department will arrange for staff to visit those businesses which are found to be not yet compliant with the le

Transhipment scheme extended

Customs today extended the Free Trade Agreement Transhipment Facilitation Scheme to cover transhipment cargo from the Mainland to Singapore via Hong Kong.


The scheme's scope of service originally covered the cargo of 67 economies under 19 trade agreements signed between the Mainland and its trading partners to be transhipped northbound via Hong Kong to the Mainland, and Mainland transhipment cargo heading southbound for Taiwan, Korea and Australia under five trade agreements signed.


Upon the extension, local traders starting from today can apply to Customs for a certificate of non-manipulation for the purpose of claiming a preferential tariff under the Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Economic Co-operation between the Association of South East Asian Nations & the People's Republic of China, the China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement or the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement for cargo from the Mainland transhipped to Singapore via Hong Kong.


The department implemented the scheme in December 2015 to provide traders with a customs supervision service and issue the certificate of non-manipulation to certify transhipment cargo that has not undergone any further processing during its stay in Hong Kong.


Click here for the certificate application details.

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